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Guiding Your Startup Success

in France 

Our expert team empowers your vision with idea validation, plugs you into the best French incubators, accelerates your solution's market launch, and unlocks the prestigious La French Tech certification for you.

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Validate Your idea

We specialize in helping startups validate their ideas using Design Thinking and Alpha User testing. Our approach begins by understanding your target audience, followed by iterative prototyping and testing to refine your concept. We leverage Alpha Users, early adopters, to provide valuable feedback during the initial stages. Our goal is to ensure your startup idea aligns with market needs and sets a strong foundation for success.

No Development Team Needed!

We Build Your Software!

Embarking on a software project without an in-house development team can be a daunting task, but at next station, we've got you covered. We specialize in transforming your software vision into a reality, ensuring a seamless development process from start to finish


Unlock the doors to prestigious French incubators

We're your trusted partner, offering proven expertise and personalized support. Don't navigate the application process alone; we'll guide you every step of the way. Join us and elevate your startup to new heights in the heart of France's vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Founders' Path to French Tech Attestation and Residency!

Unlock French Tech attestation and residency as a founder or co-founder with next station. We're your dedicated partner, guiding you through the process of securing your Passeport Talent Projet Économique Innovant. Let us help you and your team establish your innovative economic project and find a new home in the heart of France's dynamic tech landscape.


"As someone who's experienced the excellence of next stationServices firsthand, I wholeheartedly champion them as your ultimate ally in conquering the intricate world of French startups. From idea inception to market domination, next station paves the way to success."

Marie Benson
Founder, GMPL Inc.

Ready to Make France Your Innovation Hub? Let's Get Started!